Tales from the Garden: April Showers, Forgotten Flowers

I am sure I’m not the only one guilty of planting a bulb and then six month later, when it pokes out from the ground, having absolutely no recollection of what it was. Take this little guy for instance. I bought a bag of bulbs from Costco last fall — 30 were crocuses and 15 were daffodils. The other 5 were a species I couldn’t have remembered if my life depended on it.

Top view of a fritillaria

I kept looking at the leaves thinking…hm…a lily of some kind? A few friends thought hibiscus. My husband swore they were alliums. Finally once the first flower bloomed, I showed a picture to another friend who does wedding bouquets as a side business and she figured it out.

Fritillaria. Or technically: Fritillaria imperialis Rubra Maxima.

Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but who cares if I can barely pronounce it — it sure looks pretty!


Fritillaria standing proud.


I love the inside of the flower — the white dots at the base of the stamen are so cool!

And according to these pictures, as it gets more mature and has more blooms, we are in for a treat.

7 thoughts on “Tales from the Garden: April Showers, Forgotten Flowers

    • I think I posted when the crocuses came up — they were so pretty and such a nice treat after the winter…Buried in snow?! that is the stuff of my nightmares!! Hope you see some sun soon!

    • Ha! Well, as a former black thumb gardener, I get excited when anything in my garden grows, but this guy took me by surprise. We’ll see what other mysterious things pop up this spring!

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