The Berry Best Spoonbread…

Mixed Berry Spoonbread

Mixed Berry Spoonbread Cake

The alternate title to this post was something along the lines of  “the amazingly delicious dessert I could make in my sleep.” It might have been a little wordy (and less punny) but it would’ve been entirely accurate. I have made Food & Wine’s Mixed Berry Spoonbread Cake for family reunions, barbeques, holidays and even (all by myself) for a crowd of 75-plus people at a kind-of-crazy pig roast last summer.

In fact, I had a different dessert all picked out for Easter Sunday (I wanted to try making this Blueberry Slump) but at the last minute, I changed my mind. I didn’t want to take the chance of it being ‘meh.’ Given the rather stressful week, I wanted to make something that I knew everyone would love — and so I turned to my old standby.

There are several reasons why this is my go -to dessert recipe:

  1. It is insanely easy. Like absolutely ridiculously easy. If you can melt butter, you can make this.
  2. It is delicious — seriously, at the pig roast I had some people ask for thirds. And this was after 4 courses, not including the two 80-pound pigs!
  3. It is consistently delicious no matter what fruit you use and no matter how many times you make it — I have used strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, cherries and raspberries. Besides adding a little lemon when I use blueberries, the flavor profile is consistent. All at once it is tart, sweet and buttery. It is magical.
  4. It speaks loudly of spring and summer. Make this with fresh berries and I promise it will taste like sunshine, sweet buttery sunshine. It is the quintessential American BBQ dessert — it’s tastier than apple pie (unless it’s my grandma’s apple pie — nothing is better than that!) and it’s easier to make.
  5. Have I mentioned that it’s buttery?!

Those five reasons pretty much sum up this post. Now on to some drool-worthy berry-licious pictures of this tasty treat:

Mixed Berry Spoonbread -- hot out of the oven on Easter Sunday

Mixed Berry Spoonbread — hot out of the oven on Easter Sunday

Mixed Berry Spoonbread

Buttery Close-up

Buttery Close-up

Mixed Berry Spoonbread Cake

All it’s missing is freshly whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

11 thoughts on “The Berry Best Spoonbread…

    • I know! If it wasn’t for food magazines I’d be in trouble. =) And yes, this is incredibly versatile — in fact, I can’t even think of my favorite combination of berries, because every time it’s delicious!

  1. I love recipes from Food and Wine. You cannot go wrong with their selection. So glad to hear someone who trusts F&W as well. The cake looks delicious…comforting is a better description. I have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

    • Definitely give this a shot! It’s a perfect, easy summer treat. And I’m happy to know someone else shares my F&W love. I’ve had a few bombs, but for the most part their recipes are pretty spot-on. I also really like Bon Appetit — equally tasty recipes!

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