If the Easter Bunny goes missing… blame me!

Rabbit Pot Pie at Local 360, Seattle, WA

Rabbit Pot Pie at Local 360, Seattle, WA

It’s hard to believe that Easter is looming in the very near future. But considering my work days have been filled with inquiries for lamb, ham and rabbits, it must be true. By the way, if the Easter Bunny doesn’t make an appearance on Sunday, he’s most likely being dished up at a restaurant in Portland or Seattle — and he’s probably delicious!

Anyways, in true procrastinator fashion, I made these adorable candy-filled nests last year…but by the time I got around to downloading and editing the photos, Easter had long since gone. The nests turned out so cute that I still wanted to share them, even if they had to wait almost 12 months for their time to shine.

Chocolate Easter Nests

Chocolate Easter Nests: Melted dark chocolate, crunchy chow mein noodles and, of course, mini Cadbury eggs!

White Chocolate Easter Nests

The white chocolate version with some green sprinkles

White Chocolate Easter Nests

Almost too cute to eat….almost!

mailing Easter eggsAnd hey — if the Easter bunny does get baked into a pie or braised into tender goodness and paired with herbed spaetzle, do what I did last year — mail candy-filled Easter eggs to people you love. No box needed!

I sent five eggs (plus a bonus one just in case) to my nieces and nephews and happily they all survived the journey. They did take a few extra traveling days though so you better hop to it!

Helping out the Easter bunny!

Helping out the Easter Bunny!


4 thoughts on “If the Easter Bunny goes missing… blame me!

    • Thank you! =) I was dying of excitement after I mailed them — it practically killed me to keep them a surprise until they arrived! The nest were also really fun to make (and eat!) — I wish I had been motivated enough to make them again this year but it just didn’t happen.

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