Gratuitous Food Porn: Brunch of Champions

A while ago, I helped my husband do a Brunch and Bloody Mary event at the Oregon Zoo’s World Forestry Center. He was one of several chefs sampling out amazing bites to a very hungry crowd. I was lucky enough to attend as his assistant, which meant I spent the morning double-fisting bloody marys and dishing up divine treats like these:

Cherry Toaster Strudels with Foie Gras Mousse

Cherry “Toaster Strudels” with Foie Gras Mousse

Bone-Marrow Stuffed Doughnuts

Bone Marrow Stuffed Doughnuts with Spiced Sugar

There are worse ways to spend a morning!


16 thoughts on “Gratuitous Food Porn: Brunch of Champions

  1. holy cow–totally the breakfast of champions. those are gorgeous. Can you say more about how the foie gras and bone marrow played off the pastry flavorst? Unbelievable combinations, but they would work so spectacularly well together! You lead a golden life, J πŸ™‚

    • The foie was luscious! Foie loves fruit and the strudel part was more of a vehicle. It was perfect! The bone marrow just melted into the doughnuts holes and added fat with a bit of extra oomph. Basically they totally made me happy! =)

      • re: foie gras. Just read about a new restaurant in Mpls (mentioned in my 3/10 post) that serves foie gras alongside yam puree, maple ice cream and housemade marshmallows. !!!!

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