Things That Make Me Happy: Spring is Coming!

Spring Crocus

The first of many….

Last fall I planted 30 spring crocus bulbs and I’ve been impatiently waiting for them to bloom. Finally Friday afternoon I noticed I had one perfect bloom in my backyard. After years of thinking that I was born with a black thumb, bulbs are becoming my redemption. For a little effort, you get a whole lot of reward!

11 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy: Spring is Coming!

    • Thanks, I feel so proud! =) Even though our winter was fairly mild overall, I am SO ready for spring. We’ve had a few nice days which is a pleasant surprise for early March. Let’s hope it keeps it up!

  1. you are indeed reaching your goal of Martha Stewartesquness (got that from your title, not making any judgements ;-)) as you seem to have the food and now gardening thing covered:-)

    • Ha! Thanks! The gardening thing is funny because my mom and my grandma are both great in the garden. I, on the other hand, have killed more plants (including 2 rosemary bushes!) than I can count. But the tides are turning!

  2. Crocus are my favorite flower, simply for the fact that they can bloom through snow! They always herald the coming of spring for me, so they hold a special place in my heart. Beautiful photo!

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