A Cooling Heat: Ginger Ice w. Pineapple and Condensed Milk


Ginger Shaved Ice with Sweet & Spicy Pineapple

I am behind. Way behind. We are moving into the first week of December with the speed of a freight train, and here I am still working on my Thanksgiving posts. Oh well, sign of a busy life, right?

That’s what I tell myself anyways.

So here’s a tidbit to tide things over. Since our Thanksgiving theme veered toward Asian cuisine, I wanted to make something complementary for dessert. I dug through my recipe binder and came up with this recipe for Ginger Shaved Ice, which was developed by Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi of Joule and Revel restaurants in Seattle. I ate (and loved) some of their food at Seattle’s Cochon 555 a few years back so I figured this would be a winner.

And it was! A spicy, icy winner at that.

It was easy to make — ridiculously easy in fact. And cheap, calling for only ginger, sugar and water for the “shaved ice.” The ice was made much in the style that a typical granite is made. Basically make a simple syrup, puree ginger, mix together, sieve and freeze in a large shallow dish. Once the mixture has begun to set, you stir it around and then continue to freeze until solid — no ice cream machine needed.

When it was done (about 4 hours of freezing time is needed), I took a sample bite and wow — it had some serious heat from the ginger! It was still sweet from the sugar but the bite carried through tremendously. It was the perfect thing to cut through the rich meal we had planned. Plus ginger is known to be good at settling an upset stomach so I figured it would make a great post-indulging delight.

While the ice was setting, I got to work on soaking the fruit in a little leftover ginger syrup. I had a pineapple that was juicy and ripe so I used that instead of the apricots. Then, after dinner was done, I opened a can of sweetened condensed milk and bam, dessert was served!

The condensed milk helped tame the fire (maybe my ginger root was unusually spicy because trust me, it needed taming!) and the fruit was great in general. In fact whatever didn’t get used that night, I snacked on over the next few days. The ginger syrup gave it the perfect combination of sweet and spicy — almost like the chile powder-crusted mangoes you get in Mexico.

And after stuffing ourselves for three hours on pork belly and accoutrements, this was an excellent and refreshing way to end the evening.

Ginger Shaved Ice w. Pineapple and Sweetened Condensed Milk

Ginger Shaved Ice w. Pineapple and Sweetened Condensed Milk

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