Gratuitous Food Pic: Brunch at Beast

Braised Lamb, Padron Peppers, Romanesco Broccoli and a Poached Egg.
Brought to you by my favorite Portland brunch spot, Beast. Sept. 2012

While Beast might be one of those places that (as a Portlander) you are almost sick of hearing about before you ever eat there, it really does live up to its reputation for awesome food. Also they have this sign in their window:

I don’t know why there are quotation marks but as an avid lover of all things foie, I still appreciate the sentiment!


2 thoughts on “Gratuitous Food Pic: Brunch at Beast

  1. While Beast indeed lives up to it’s reputation, I’d highly recommend Cocotte, just a few doors down. The ladies that own/run this restaurant are incredible and the food is just as good! You won’t be sorry!

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