Cider + Liquor + Cajeta = Deliciously Evil

I love having a signature cocktail when I throw a party. Last year at my honey-themed birthday party I had a station set up where guests could make a Honey Badger (St. Germain, honey syrup and sparkling wine). So when I hosted my harvest-themed dinner party, I decided to come up with something fun to drink besides wine.

Since I had just made my own home-pressed apple cider, I used that as a base. I heated it up with some mulling spices to give it more flavor, letting it simmer for about 10 minutes with a cinnamon stick, cloves, allspice and dried orange peel. Once the spices were strained out, I contemplated my liquor cabinet.

Whenever autumn rolls around, I usually buy a bottle of Laird’s Applejack to keep on hand so that was the first bottle I grabbed. But I wanted something a little sweet in there too, so I brought out the Pinnacle Whipped Vodka (I know, I know, but it was free so don’t judge me!).

I kept varying the amounts until I got something I liked — not too sweet, not too strong, but with a boozy “warmth.” If you’re making this at home, just adjust things to your taste and if you don’t want to use whipped cream-flavored vodka (which I can appreciate) Whaler’s Vanilla Rum would also work beautifully in here. Or just plain vodka if you don’t dig sweet.

Clearly this is a “recipe” you can tweak.

I let my mixture sit overnight so the flavors could marry. When I took it out the next morning, it was perfect — it looked like honey and had a sweet (but not cloying) apple smell.

Since this was supposed to be a festive shot, and by this point a play on apple pie, I thought I’d whip some cream to top it with. And, for the perfect garnish, I used a drizzle of cajeta (goat’s milk caramel) from The Portland Creamery. This caramel is the stuff dreams are made of — if you live in Portland, track this down. It’s amazing!

I also thought it’d be fun to play around with other pretty sparkly things, so I topped a few with gold sugar sprinkles and gold dust as well.

What can I say? I love edible bling!

These were a serious hit at the party. When I mentioned I had shots lined up, I saw some nervous looks but the first round convinced everyone there was nothing to fear.

My only problem is coming up with a name for them…I’ve just been referring to them as deliciously evil so I guess that’s what I should stick to!

12 thoughts on “Cider + Liquor + Cajeta = Deliciously Evil

  1. So glad you gave details as I’d noticed the drinks on the table in an earlier post. Wish we could throw parties together as I think “signature cocktails” are lovely. Yours look amazing. But let’s not knock whipped cream vodka;-) Recently made a lovely Red Velvet Martini with said spirit:-)

    • Thanks! And actually a little secret, I have been *loving* the whipped vodka. I am a beer girl by nature, and have never acquired a taste for serious liquors (bourbons, whiskeys), so I don’t mind things a little sweet. I actually have been drinking it with a splash of fresh squeezed OJ and bubbly water. It’s like a delicious creamsicle. Tell me more about that red velvet martini — sounds awesome!! Need to try it!

    • Yes you do!! Like now, track that stuff down! The lady who owns Portland Creamery is a real sweetheart too so I like to spread the word about how awesome her cheese it. I kept meeting her at food events and she keeps my husband well stocked in cheese for his restaurant so I have tried everything they make and it’s all fabulous. But the cajeta is a personal favorite — it’s hard to resist!

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