Harvest Party: Winning at Wining & Dining in Autumn

Acorn Doughnut Hole Party Favors

It’s a known fact I love nothing more than to throw a party. Give me any reason whatsoever and I will come up with a theme, research recipes and try my hardest to make my house as adorable as possible. So when some of the favorite ladies in my life and I decided to plan a little drinking dinner party, I quickly volunteered to host. We decided on the seasonally appropriate theme of “Autumn Harvest” and decided to do it as a pot-luck style sit-down dinner.

I got into the spirit by decorating my house:

An autumn-inspired wreath helps corral the wine glasses

Autumn potpurri and hors d’oeuvre plates

And as always, a touch of class

Next was setting the table. This is basically what my table looks like at Thanksgiving too. I got the gold-plated silverware as a gift years ago from my stepmom and it’s the perfect accent to a holiday place setting. I really love brown, gold and green together.

Harvest Table

Petite Pears are the Perfect Centerpiece

Next was the food. Oh god, the food! Sadly I didn’t get nearly as many pictures of all the goodness we ate but here’s a couple of the indulgences.

Olives by Candle Light

Spaetzle Gratin — my friend Ariel made this and it was amazing.

Another one of my friends brought this amazing chocolate pumpkin whipped cream masterpiece. I ate a piece the next day for breakfast and it was still divine!

And on top of the copious amounts of wine that we managed to put down, I had a little surprise up my sleeve. I took some of my home-pressed cider and combined it with various liquor to make up these deliciously evil little things. Call them whatever you want (cider shots? apple pie shots?), they were wonderful. A how-to post is in the works!

Mulled Apple Pie Shots with Caramel & Whipped Cream

And of course, I made little party favors to give out as people left. The trouble with this is after a night of drinking wine to actually remember to give them to people!

Anyways I made these little doughnut hole acorns last year for a pumpkin carving party so I knew they’d be easy to put together. I took Nutella and coated the top half of each “hole” and then rolled them in sprinkles. A little pretzel stem, and voila — perfection!

Each one was individually wrapped up in a cellophane bag which was tied with yarn.

And that’s it: our harvest party was a complete and total success! We had a blast chatting and cooking together, eating everything from freshly baked bread with homemade butter to these shrimp pancake fritters that Iย  am definitely getting the recipe for! Needless to say, we are already planning round two. I can’t wait!

19 thoughts on “Harvest Party: Winning at Wining & Dining in Autumn

    • Thank you! I have way too much spare time really. Several of the girls who came over have kids and others have second jobs. As for me, I just spent two days drinking sample apple cider shots and decorating! =)

    • Me too! Doughnut holes have really grown on me over the years. I was going to make some spiced cake pops and then thought, nope, screw it! Doughnut holes it is! No mess, no fuss, and plenty to snack on before the party started. =)

    • Thanks! They were incredibly tasty. Problem was I did such a good job of mixing boozes that you couldn’t tell how strong they were. With the caramel and the whipped cream, they went down too smooth! Trouble, I tell you!

  1. Even skanks say thanks?!?! HAHAHAHA!! I love that! Please oh please tell me where you bought that…or did you just make it and include it for those with eagle eyes? ๐Ÿ˜› Here I was…just enjoying your pictures and then all of a sudden I start busting up in a fit of giggles. Gotta love it ๐Ÿ™‚

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