Additions to the Rumtopf: Perfect Pears

Sugared Pears for the Rumtopf

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to my boozy experiment, but don’t worry — I haven’t forgotten it! I’ve got some plums that are almost ready but in the meantime, I just added some perfectly ripe pears. It’s looking quite delightful — can’t wait to get to drink it! (Rumtopf is traditionally eaten around Christmas, so thankfully I don’t have much longer to go.)

Look at that beautiful color!

9 thoughts on “Additions to the Rumtopf: Perfect Pears

  1. Love that you have “boozy experiments.” I made crabapple liqueur a year or so ago and it was great fun. Though, yes, the best part is finally getting to try the end product!

    • Yes! I am so excited to finally taste it. Plus, after doing some research, there seem to be some fun ways to serve it — from pureeing it and adding it to sparkling wine to eating it over crepes. This year I’m counting down to Christmas for entirely different reasons than I have in the past! =) And crabapple liqueur sounds amazing – how did it turn out?

    • I love your jars of fruity booze! In fact, I showed my rumtopf-partner-in-crime your blog not too long ago so we could plan some more boozy concoctions. =) This is my first attempt at something that ferments for months. It’s been fun adding to it each month and seeing the color change. I’ll keep you posted on the flavor when I finally get to taste it!

    • Well it actually has a bunch of fruit in it. Rumtopf is a German way of preserving spring/summer fruits as they become ripe (I started with strawberries). Then slowly as more fruits (berries, cherries, peaches, plums) come into season, you just keep adding them layer by layer. The fruit is macerated in sugar and the alcohol in the rum preserves it. Then come Christmas, you can puree the fruit or eat it whole (though it’s not very visually appealing). You should try it next year! It’s been fun adding to it all summer and the anticipation is building as it’s finally getting close to winter.

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