One Sweet Sandwich — Peanut Butter Creme Sandwich Cookies

I was invited to an open house a few weeks ago by my friend DB. The first thing I did was ask if I could bring cookies. He agreed, asking if I’d make the same brown butters ones that I had given him a few weeks before. But, like the bad friend I am, I totally refused. Life is too short to not try new cookie recipes!

And I had just bought some marshmallow creme in hopes of finally making these peanut butter sandwich cookies  — pulled out of a very old (Nov. 2008!) Better Homes & Gardens magazine. Honestly I’m shocked that I’ve had this recipe so long without ever having made it, but I think I’m always one ingredient short of having everything I need. So it gets stuck back in the recipe binder while I bake another cookie in its place.

But not this time! And I’m thankful for my perseverance because these suckers were quite delicious. The cookies themselves were my favorite part — I absolutely love a crunchy peanut buttery cookie. The creme part wasn’t necessarily mind-blowing but together it made these cookies stand out. There was also a secret ingredient in the creme that intrigued me — cumin! Who would have thought? You can’t make it out in the final product but I’m guessing it just adds a little sass.

So how were they? Well, one of the guests at the open house was a very young son of a friend of DB’s. This little guy has a developed palate and isn’t shy about giving constructive criticism, even telling DB that his hummus needed more salt and lemon. The only thing he could say about the cookies was that he wanted more of them! In fact, he was so determined to nibble that we ended up stashing the plate in the kitchen so he wouldn’t get a sugar high and keep his mom up all night.

The adults at the party couldn’t keep away from them either and I was pleased to hear the compliments. I might not go through the trouble of making these again (after all, I have approximately 200 other cookie recipes to try out) but I’m happy that I finally succeeded in making these once!


2 thoughts on “One Sweet Sandwich — Peanut Butter Creme Sandwich Cookies

    • Yeah, I hadn’t ever either! It wasn’t something you’d notice, flavor-wise, but I’m sure it just added to the intrigue of the creme filling. They weren’t quite as amazing as the brown butter ones, even I have to admit, but they were still damn good! =)

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