Rice Krispie Candy Corns…and my inability to resist Pinterest

What can I say? I am a slave to my desire to make adorable, autumn-inspired things. In the past few weeks I’ve painted a pumpkin to look like a candy corn and hand-crafted my own Halloween door hanger…and there’s no end in sight! I can’t help it, it’s a sickness.

My inspiration this month has clearly been brought by the colors yellow, orange and white!

So when I spotted these cute Rice Krispie treats, dyed and shaped to look like candy corn, I knew that I would have to make them sometime soon. And that sometime turned out to be last Sunday.

The process is easy — actually easier than expected, which is a little surprising considering that making Rice Krispie treats is already simple. But, I had no idea you could do the whole thing in the microwave, which was so lovely. Just heat up the marshmallows with butter until they are warm and puffy, and then mix them first with the food coloring and second, with the Krispies.

You will need to do each color separately, so yes, you’ll be doing some sticky, marshmallow-y dishes in between, but it goes quickly. As each color is ready, butter up your hands (and don’t be shy — you will need a lot of butter!) and squish the mixture into greased round cake pans. Start with yellow and work your way in, decreasing the amount of mixture needed with each ring.

Once this part is done, let it sit for about 30 minutes and then turn it out onto a cutting board.

And just like that, you’re done! Using a greased knife, cut wedges and you get this:

Now a little disclaimer, the recipe said you could make two full cake rounds but my mixture seemed a little short and I wanted them to be nice and fat. So I only did one cake round, and took the leftover remains of each color and made…well…this thing:

Which very easily became these:

Yup. Easy enough!

Then because I had also seen another pin with pumpkin-shaped Krispie treats, I made a few of those as well, dying the leftover white mixture green:

I was told on Facebook that these looks like boobs.

I was so please with all of them! They were incredibly easy to make (as well as being inexpensive, which is a big plus) and I loved the reception they got from my co-workers. And after eating every last bite, we were all on a serious sugar high, which is not the worst thing to happen on a Monday morning. In fact, I might just have to make them again…unless the drive to make these meringue bones wins out! You never know…

5 thoughts on “Rice Krispie Candy Corns…and my inability to resist Pinterest

  1. Oh my God. Rice krispie treats are my biggest guilty pleasure, even though I don’t make them that often because a) I would not like to fall into a diabetic coma and b) I can’t stand to wash the sticky dishes. These look extra season-appropriate so maybe I’ll give them a try. I’m late to the Pinterest party, but you look like you’re having fun.

    • The diabetic coma is what keeps me motivated in bringing all of my sweet treats to work! The guys in the warehouse tear through sugar like there’s no tomorrow. As far as Pinterest goes, it’s a curious thing. I actually got on there first when it was still in beta testing, so it’s weird that it’s now such a huge trend. I don’t really get the dream wedding/inspirational quote part of it, but it’s great for reminding me of projects that I want to do, especially now that it seems like we’ve hit full-on rainy season. *sigh* And I really love it for keeping a visual bookmark of recipes. Anything that keeps me busy, keeps me out of trouble!

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  3. I saw these on Pinterest too…congrats to you for actually making them! I used several recipes off Pinterest for my last New Year’s Eve party, including a fabulous cocktail and vodka-infused gummy bears that were a huge hit!

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