DIY: Spooking Up the Neighborhood

I have been on a crafting kick lately. It must be the nip in the air — finally it doesn’t seem wasteful to be inside!

So even though I’m sure it would have been just as cheap cheaper to have bought a cute Halloween door hanger from Target, I decided to make my own. I was inspired by this blog post, discovered through Pinterest (full tutorial at the link). It seemed like an easy enough craft and it was! I started last Monday and it was done by Tuesday — the hardest part is waiting for the coats of Modpodge to dry.

I hit up Joann’s and bought the wooden letters, some cute scrapbook paper, a bottle of Modpodge and a few fun stickers. Then it was on to the crafting!

I absolutely love how it turned out. I especially love the paper I found for the B — in this close-up you can see the little spiders and candy corns. So cute! I also tied an orange ribbon to the top — which was then thoroughly Modpodged to keep the bow jaunty.

Pumpkins, candy corn and spiders — oh my!

I also love this pretty orange glitter paper!

Dancing Candy Corns!

What do you think? Spooktacular?


6 thoughts on “DIY: Spooking Up the Neighborhood

  1. That is so cute! It’s always more special when you make it yourself 🙂 I am not crafty at all…I actually don’t even know what modgepodge is, but it makes me appreciate and admire those who are gifted that way even more!

    • You know, I am kind of bad at crafting. I am always in too much of a hurry and get impatient. Or am too cheap to buy the best supplies so everything turns out a bit wonky. Or I drink too much wine while trying to craft…But this time it came out looking great! I was so proud! =)

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