A Sweet and Salty Affair

Brown-Butter Butterscotch Pretzel Cookies

The first thing I should do is warn you that the batter for these cookies needs to sit for at least 8 hours. So don’t think that you can whip these up after work and still be able to go to sleep on time (though these are certainly worth missing your bedtime for!).

I was trying to make these cookies to celebrate my very good friend Ariel’s return to work (I managed to suffer through her three months of maternity leave). But alas, I was a day late. I think she forgave me though, as these cookies are liable to make even your worst enemies smile as though they like you.

They are a crowd pleaser really, working overtime to give you everything you might want from a cookie — chocolate chips for the sweet, pretzels for the salt, brown butter for a hint of nut and butterscotch for the unexpected. And while even making the batter will take a while (after browning, the butter needs to cool for about 20 minutes), it certainly isn’t difficult.

And, trust me, all the anticipation pays off. They were so good I don’t think they lasted more than 15 minutes in my office!

They tasted equally delicious cooked a minute under (nice and chewy) and a few minutes over (I love, love, love a crispy crunchy cookie). I also tried half of them with the suggested addition of coarse sea salt on top and half without, and again — equally delicious. Really, these are just a damn good cookie.

So if you have something to celebrate (welcome back my favorite little co-worker!), or if you just feel like making someone happy, these will do the trick!

A plate full of pretty!

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