Dinner in the Garden of Eden: Portland’s Tabor Tilth

A few days ago, I posted about a dinner that I helped my husband prepare as part of the Portland Fruit Tree Project’s Orchard Series. It was a pretty amazing experience — as you can imagine when you’re cooking for 40 people in an urban garden and this is the kitchen.

The best place to cook is outside!

And the spread my husband put together was pretty spectacular. It started with some passed appetizers…

Watermelon and wasabi with Oregon elderflowers

Endive with rabbit liver mousse, Asian pears and gastique

Then it moved into the seated courses, all served family style — starting with the appetizers.

Fresh pork rind with vinegar powder and spicy raspberry coulis

A perfectly delicious potted plant — goat cheese aioli, crudite and hazelnut soil

And then on to dinner…

Rabbit Saddles with Figs, Greens and Almonds

Sunflower seed risotto with pork belly, rabbit sausage and fresh tomatoes

Yes, that’s right — sunflower seed risotto. It was a first for me — and it was delicious!

“Compost” Beef: Seared striploin (rubbed with coffee grounds and herbs), yellow beans, blackberry bordelaise and shoe string potatoes — my favorite dish!

And then a palate cleanser…

A little intermezzo: Mullberry Sorbet with Lime and Salt

And finally:

Fig leaf ice cream, macaron, marcona almonds and caramelized peaches


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