The Beer Chronicles Continue: Pink Peppercorn IPA

I have mentioned before how much I enjoy New Belgium’s beers. In fact, their sour beer is still one of my top favorite beers of all time. So when I spotted a 22-oz bottle of their Pink Peppercorn IPA at a specialty beer store, I picked it up immediately. It’s from their Trip Series, which means it’s a collaboration beer between New Belgium and Elysian (a well-known Seattle brewery to those of us in the PNW).

Here, this says it all:

I should also mention that, like a good little Oregonian, I love IPAs. So as you can imagine, I’ve been very excited to drink this beer!

Last night, when I finally sat down after doing loads of dishes and laundry, it seemed like the perfect time to crack it open. I usually try to save beers like this for when my husband is home so he can enjoy them too, but the last time we split a beer, I sucked my half down in record time and he left his to languish on the table. It was still there — untouched — the next morning. Alcohol abuse like that is not tolerated in my household.

So I decided I would drink this one alone. Though when he came home early, I did allow him a tiny sip. I’m not a total tyrant. I just get touchy where beer is concerned.

Anyways…On to the tasting!

Pink Peppercorn IPA — 22 oz bottle

The color was lovely, a mixture of copper and amber. The pepper stood out amongst the hops and malts both in smell and taste, but in a good way. The spice was mellow and floral, but there was still some IPA-y bitterness in there too. I could also taste a hint of citrus, which helped round things out. The pepper could have been amped up more, but that might have upset the delicate balance. As it was, it was just enough to make this beer unusual, instead of simply a novelty.

Overall, it went down quite smoothly and though I might not be able to drink a lot of these, I could certainly have put down another bottle. In fact, after today’s 8-mile bike ride home in 96 degree heat, I would practically kill to have another one of these in my fridge.

All in all — I would definitely buy this again, in a bottle or on draft (if that ever happens?). It was very much worth it. If you’d like to try a slightly different take on the traditional IPA, this is a good beer to try. It isn’t really a thirst quencher, but it will make you happy.

7 thoughts on “The Beer Chronicles Continue: Pink Peppercorn IPA

  1. I think that you probably got it just right – noting that the peppercorn could have been stronger, but it might have been too much. Reminds of a one of the “first” (in my world at least) micro brews…..back in the mid 90’s in Baltimore, MD — a Raspberry Wheat (I think it was Oxford Brewing — though the label looks nothing the same today)– so different (at the time) so novel, and so OVERWHELMINGLY raspberry that you could only drink one.

    I have to try this Pink Peppercorn!

    • Yes, track it down and let me know what you think! =) I really enjoy trying novelty beers at the brewers festivals that Portland seems to have once a month, but one sip of a lot of them is enough especially the spicy ones. Sometimes I don’t think they realize the beer still needs to taste good!

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