Was it Worth it? Turkey Fried Rice…with Potato Chips

    • The Source: Food & Wine June 2012
    • The Cook: Just me…all alone…
    • The Menu: Turkey Fried Rice with Potato Chips *only adaptation was adding blanched green beans and asparagus, some spicy mustard greens and a bit of Thai basil. I just can’t help but add in extra vegetables, especially when my dinner involves copious amounts of carbs with the addition of potato chips!
    • The Background: It was 85 degrees outside, I was exhausted from work and my long hot bike ride home, and I was so hungry I contemplated just eating the chips for dinner.
    • How it began:

Which one of these things is not like the others?

  • Almost done:

    Turkey Fried Rice w/ eggs, mint and onion — glorious on its own but wait….there’s more!

  • Final touch:

    Turkey Fried Rice…topped with potato chips!

  • The Verdict: Totally (unsurprisingly) worth it! Even though I bought Tim’s chips — which are extra thick and crunchy — the chips really didn’t stand out too much from the other ingredients. But, much like peanuts or cashews would, they added a lovely salty texture to the rice and turkey. Therefore, as an addition to this dish, I was definitely fan. However, chips aside, the recipe itself was what I really liked. If you have everything on hand (the original recipe calls for a whopping 8 ingredients plus pantry staples), it’s a cinch to make. This should take you no more than 20 minutes to from start to finish — which, if you are as hungry as I was that day, is seriously a good thing.
  • Next time? I’d back off the mint a smidge and play around with the flavor of potato chips. Plain was nice to try for my first time around, but I’m thinking jalapeño would be pretty awesome!

3 thoughts on “Was it Worth it? Turkey Fried Rice…with Potato Chips

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