Sweet Heat Relief: Honey Almond Frozen Yogurt

The temperature has been hovering around 90 degrees (and then some) for the past few days and I absolutely love it. Yes, it is hot. Yes, it makes my bike commute borderline painful. Yes, I can step out into the sun and basically wilt into a puddle of sweat within minutes and yes, I still love it.

But even though I adore the heat, I can definitely appreciate a few things that offer some cool relief — a cold shower, an even colder beer and, of course, an icy refreshing dessert. And while I have been absolutely digging Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt this summer, there is nothing quite like homemade when it comes to frozen treats. And, coincidentally, my husband recently brought home a brand-new ice cream machine that needed to be broken in.

Our first creation was a little different than the usual ones he makes at work (think foie gras ice cream and nutterbutter gelato). I wanted something lighter and slightly healthier, so I convinced him to make a frozen yogurt instead.

The texture wasn’t as creamy as it could have been, due to us using milk instead of cream (see recipe notes below), but it still tasted delicious. The honey flavor was very mellow, but the almond really stood out. While I often ate it plain, it was also pretty excellent with a piece of grilled pound cake and a spoonful or two of fresh cherry compote.

* We used a recipe that came with the machine but tweaked it a bit. Instead of two cups of cream we used 1 & 1/2 cups of 2% milk and 1/2 cup of cream. And for the whole milk vanilla yogurt, we subbed fat-free plain Greek yogurt. And, I promise, it was still fabulous!

The next time I make this I will probably use the same measurements with the milk, just for health purposes, but I might try a vanilla fat-free yogurt just to compare it. Regardless, I think it’d be amazing with some Amarena cherries added in. The flavor of almond and cherries together makes me dream happy claflouti dreams…

For the original recipe and directions: click here.

14 thoughts on “Sweet Heat Relief: Honey Almond Frozen Yogurt

  1. It’s 90 degrees out and you love it? You’re crazy!!! I’ve been churning out ice creams and sorbets like mad because of how hot it is too. Btw, where does your husband work? I’d like to try the foie gras ice cream one of these days.

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