Was it Worth it? Swedish Meatballs

Trying out magazine recipes so you don’t have to….

The Source: Bon Appetit Sept. 2011

  • The Cooks: Oliver Lucky and Domesticity
  • The Menu: Swedish Meatballs on Egg Noodles *only adaptation was using turkey in place of the pork because I have a terrible habit of trying to make things healthier
  • The Background: 89 degree weather and Season 2 of The Killing

The Result:

Egg noodles, parsley and gravy

Swedish meatballs on egg noodles

The Verdict: Absolutely positively worth it! The balls were tender, the gravy was divine and the spices gave it oomph. It was lovely. And I’m sure it would have been even lovelier if we had made this when it was actually cold outside to maximize its “comfort food” quality.


6 thoughts on “Was it Worth it? Swedish Meatballs

  1. But why? With all the beautiful food in the world? Okay, it’s true: who doesn’t love a meatball and a noodle (pasta) when it’s cold outside.

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