The Beer Chronicles Continue: Epic’s Straight Up Saison

My husband and I bought a lot of beer this weekend, which is always a good thing in my book. Another good thing is living in a town that worships beer, to the point to where we have several exceptional specialty beer stores that I can blow a bunch of money in.

Which is exactly what I did on Sunday.

Keep Portland Weird Beered!


The hardest part of this purchase was deciding which bottle to open first. Since we enjoyed Epic Brewing’s Sour Apple Saison so much, we thought their Straight Up Saison was a perfect contender.

Epic Brewing is in Salt Lake City and has a few different lines of beer. This one, as well as that delicious sour apple saison, is part of their “exponential series.” This line tends to be beers that are a little out of the ordinary (such as their Brainless on Peaches Belgium — yum!). However, neither my husband or I felt that this particular beer was all that extraordinary.

The color was a cloudy gold and it poured with a nice frothy head. It smelled nice, definitely fruity, primarily focused on citrus and apples, with some yeast. The flavor was sweetly mellow but finished with a hint of spice and malt. It actually seemed a little too sweet, considering that while saisons shouldn’t necessarily be sour, they do tend to be a bit more bitter.

I really liked that it was well carbonated — lots of bubble action makes me happy — but the taste still seemed a bit flat. It was certainly a “straight up” saison, with not a whole lot more going on.

All in all, while it wasn’t a “wow” beer, I still found it tasty. If this was on draft somewhere and I wanted something light, I would totally order a pint. I might even buy another 22 oz bottle sometime. It was refreshing, and the Belgium-style flavor helped make it more fun that a typical summer quencher.

Saison in the sun

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