Additions to my Rumtopf — White Nectarines

I did my first addition to my rumtopf this weekend. I had intended to wait until DB and I hung out again, but I had some white nectarines that were too perfectly ripe to resist. They were calling out to be soaked in the rum-filled crock of goodness. So I diced them up, stirred in some sugar and left them to sit for about thirty minutes. Then I added them to the strawberry and rum mixture — which is really smelling fantastic! I can’t wait until December when I finally get to try it. Until then, I’ll be on the prowl for more juicy ripe fruit to throw in.

Have you started your own rumtopf yet? You probably should — it’s not too late!

Check out this post for details on how to do it.

How cute is my little blue duck crock?

The color from the strawberries has really leached into the rum


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