Waffles & Mimosas with Fictional Friends

My friend Oliver and I are obsessed with Gossip Girl. Well, to be honest, we are obsessed with Chuck and Blair. They are just too beautiful and perfect for each other.

Last night we watched the final three episodes of the latest season and decided to indulge in a waffle and champagne dinner while we watched. If you follow Gossip Girl you will know that they are always eating waffles. Rufus, Dan’s father, is apparently infamous for his amazing waffle brunches, so every other episode shows someone chowing down on a plateful of them. And it’s made us increasingly jealous, especially since they always seem to be sipping on champagne too.

We may not live on the Upper East Side — or in New York at all *ahem* — but that didn’t stop us from putting together a pretty kick-ass spread.

Since I still had strawberries left over from the weekend, I sliced them up and sprinkled them with sugar. Then a brilliant idea hit me. I dumped a few healthy slugs of my favorite vanilla rum (really the only vanilla rum I actually like) in with the berries and let everything sit for an hour or so. When I tasted the mixture later, it was seriously magical.

We whipped up some batter, made some whipped cream and brought out a jar of amazing maple caramel sauce. Then we popped the champagne and got down to  business.

Beautiful crispy waffles with fabulous toppings — take that Rufus!

Strawberries macerated with sugar and vanilla rum — yum!

Maple caramel sauce — a treat from Montreal — seriously fabulous!

FYI — vanilla rum berries plus bubbles is a good thing

And please Chuck, do us a favor and just take Blair back already. You know as well as we do that you love her. Stop torturing us this way!! I just can’t take any more of the tension!

9 thoughts on “Waffles & Mimosas with Fictional Friends

  1. Love this! Gossip Girl used to be my secret guilty pleasure too, until I decided to live without TV one day. Combined with waffles and champagne, it’s totally my idea of a good time!

    • Thanks! =) I still live without “real” TV (going on 3 yrs now) but I am super thankful for hulu! Which for some people I know could (and probably should) count as actual TV. But quite honestly, nothing could ever be bad with waffle and bubbles, right?!

  2. good call on the vanilla rum:-) Gorgeous photos–you do a great job with the blog. Appreciated you stopping by foodforfun’s growler post. Waffles and whipped cream are so going on my breakfast menu!

  3. Yum! That looks so good. I have never tried vanilla rum, but am thinking I need to go purchase! The vanilla rum soaked fruit in champagne looks fabulous!

    • I figure that adding extra alcohol to alcohol will always be a good idea! =) And if you’re new to vanilla rum, I would definitely seek out Whalers. It’s a Hawaiian brand that is just fantastic. I love using it to make vanilla Cokes.

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