The Beer Chronicles Continue: New Belgium’s La Folie 2012

I’m sure by now you know I love beer. But I don’t think you know how much I love sour stuff — I love lemons, sour patch kids and anything full of vinegar. So when I heard about sour beers a couple of years ago, it was mind blowing. Two of my favorite things combined into one delicious bottle of joy? Amazing! I knew I would love them, I just had to locate them! Luckily I happened across a local brewery in Portland that actually specializes in sour beers, so I spent a few days tasting everything on their beer menu.

After that discovery, I was dedicated to finding this beer, La Folie from New Belgium. I had seen a picture of it while leafing through a magazine and since I love their regular beers, I knew this one would be awesome. Finally I found it a few weeks ago at The Belmont Station, an extensive beer store in SE Portland. And while it wasn’t cheap, about $12 for 22 oz, I snatched it up without a second thought. In fact I should have bought two of them, but I figured I’d taste it first before committing.

And now I really wish I had another bottle because it was incredible!

The color was a pristine auburn, with the ruby hues really standing out in the light. The head was thin and dissipated quickly. The carbonation was quite rambunctious, and kept up a nice steady stream of bubbles. The nose was full of dark fruit — primarily cherry — as well as a hint of balsamic vinegar, which matched the taste perfectly. This beer was tart, seriously tart, but in the best possible way. Some sour beers I have tried are made for tasting in only 4 oz pours. Even though I shared this beer with friends, the flavor was so balanced I could have polished the whole bottle off by myself with no problem.

I could imagine sharing a bottle of this after a satisfying meal or even just sipping on it while basking in my backyard. It’s quenching, refreshing and very (dangerously!) easy to drink.

I will certainly be picking up another bottle or two very soon — in fact, I may grab an extra one to store for a while. I have read that this type of beer ages excellently and since I’ve never tried aging beer before, it seems like a fun experiment. I’ll keep you posted how that works out — if I can manage not to drink it before it’s ready!

Anyways, moral of the story — this is now one of my top ten favorite beers (ever!) so you should certainly give it a try.

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