Gratuitous Food Pics: SPQR

When my husband and I went to Napa last fall, we made a point of eating as much good food as possible. The jewel of the trip was certainly the French Laundry (best food and service of my life) but we ate some other amazing things on the way, including this multi-coursed breakfast in San Francisco at SPQR.

Insalata with radishes, crispy shallots, mimolette cheese and arugula

Crispy pig ear salad with caperberries, peppers and radishes

Soft poached eggs with sweet corn, squash, goat cheese and bacon

Both of the salads rocked my world, but the eggs were almost surprisingly my favorite. I say surprisingly only because of how simple the dish was. The eggs were perfectly cooked (maybe via a thermal circulator?) and the sweet corn puree took the dish to a whole new level. It was phenomenal. In fact, just revisiting these pictures has made me vow to recreate those eggs very soon for brunch!


3 thoughts on “Gratuitous Food Pics: SPQR

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