The Beer Chronicles Continue: BaBa Black Lager

What can I say? Clearly I love Uinta Brewing’s choice in labels!

I picked up this bottle at the same place I bought the Hyve Honey Ale. I really am just a sucker for a pretty bottle of beer. And recently I have been very drawn to black lagers. I tend to stay away from anything too dark in color because it usually means the beer is going to be malty and sweet and I am definitely more into hops and bitterness.

But Black lagers seem to have the best of both worlds. They are dark and rich to look at and tend to smell roasty like coffee or toast. But then when you take a sip they are much lighter than they look, with a bit of citrus, spice and bitterness to them from the hops.

This beer poured a nice deep color with a creamy, foamy head and was right on the money from what I expected taste-wise. There were definitely notes of coffee and chocolate which I could both smell and taste. I liked it much more than their honey beer, though I did think it could use just a touch more of something. I read a few of the reviews and it seems like people thought the same thing — a few praised the flavor just to note that it finished a bit watery. While I didn’t notice the watery part while I was drinking, I did think that the taste dissipated quickly. This is not a beer that will linger in your mouth. You just have to remember that even though it looks like porter, it’s staying true to its light-and-crisp lager nature.

And at the end of the day, I liked it quite a bit. I might not buy it as a pony keg, but I would definitely order a pint if I saw it at a bar or pick up a six-pack if I had friends coming over. It’s enjoyable with high drinkability and while it might have lacked the sass I love in a great beer, it certainly had enough character for me to remember it.

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