Things that make me happy!

Seeing the first ladybug of spring!

I have had a thing for ladybugs ever since my college dorm room was infested with them sophomore year. It was such a weird thing to have happen but slowly, over a course of a few days, about 50 of them congregated in a corner of the room. It was fun for a couple of weeks, but finally I had to call maintenance to remove them because they were creeping me out. (I did make sure they weren’t harmed in the process.)

Even after all of that, I still get excited when I spot them in my garden. They are just irresistably cute!


2 thoughts on “Things that make me happy!

  1. I love them too, even had a bike I painted red with black spots, but a dear friend of mine really has a thing for them and collects ‘fake’ ones. And yes yesterday one landed on my window and I smiled

    • I would love to see a picture of that bike — it sounds awesome! My favorite thing is finding ladybugs in my garden and pointing them out to my niece who also adores them. Must run in the family!

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