Please allow me to take you to my happy place…

I decided to start 2 new categories today:

1. Gratuitous Food Pictures: I have a ton of awesome pictures of food I didn’t make and some are so pretty that I feel compelled to share them show them off. Since I’m not going to start reviewing dishes or restaurants (this isn’t Yelp after all), I’m just to going to post them as single images with a basic descriptor and (when applicable) a handy little link in case you also dream of eating them…

Shall we take a look at an example?

Soft-shell crab BLT — fried crab, tempura lemon slices, bacon, basil puree and tarragon with some smoked aioli just because… — The Gilt Club

Easy enough. Ok. Great. Now moving along to the second category.

2. Things that make me happy: Some really random things just make me happy. They certainly don’t require a rambling blog post. They need something short and sweet. Like this for example…

I can’t really explain the story behind this but I see it almost every day.

And there you have it — it’s really just that easy.

4 thoughts on “Please allow me to take you to my happy place…

    • Thanks! I kind of love thinking of Spongebob as a lion tamer. Little secret though — in a fit of hunger I ate all the milk duds out of the box. Don’t tell my co-worker (this sits on her desk)!

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