Learning to love frittatas…

Frittatas are one of those foods I’ve always felt I should like. I love eggs, I love breakfast foods at any time of the day and I love dishes that allow you to utilize whatever produce you have on hand. And frittatas are all of those things. They are made with eggs. They can be eaten for breakfast, brunch or even, as magazine writers love to recommend, as “a light supper.” And they can be made with just about anything you happen to have hiding in your fridge.

So what’s my problem? It seems like frittatas and I should love each other and yet, I keep my distance. My main issue is that they always seem dry. I like my eggs runny — there is nothing sadder to me than overcooked eggs. My friend Ariel has actually made me the one and only frittata that I’ve enjoyed — it was moist and delicious. All of the others I’ve eaten tasted like disappointment. So I learned my lesson. Whenever I see a frittata recipe, my eyes skip right over it. I avoid them on breakfast menus. And I certainly have never bothered to try to make one.

Until last weekend when I made this beauty…

I was actually hoping to make something entirely different, but I didn’t have all of the ingredients. Then a recipe from Bon Appetit poked out of my binder and caught my eye. I had ripped out the page for a different reason (these ricotta tortelloni) but when I started reading the Onion Frittata recipe, I decided just to go for it. I had all of the ingredients (for the most part) and it seemed easy as well as healthy. And, as an extra bonus, I only needed one pan to make it.

First up, I cooked a cup of sliced onions until they were golden brown and tender. (Next time I might dice them to lessen their stringiness.) Once they were finished, I added in some fresh spinach for some extra oomph. Then I dumped in the whisked eggs which were mixed with grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and herbs.

I was short on some of the herbs, but I did — for once! — have basil so I threw that in along with some red chili flakes to give it some pep. Eggs love pep.

I also didn’t have ricotta cheese but I did have some fabulous cheese from the Portland Creamery so I covered the eggs with generous dollops of chevre. Things were looking so promising I was starting to rethink my position on frittatas.

Once it cooked on the stove for a couple of minutes, I popped the pan in the oven until the eggs set. (And yes, I watched that sucker like a hawk to avoid any kind of overcooking.) Once the eggs were done, I slid a spatula around the edges and nervously scooted it on to a plate. Why nervously?

I was worried it wouldn’t come out of the pan easily…but it popped out like a dream.

I was also a little concerned it wouldn’t hold its shape…but it looked pretty marvelous.

I was scared I wouldn’t like it…but I devoured my slice in seconds and went back for more.

You win 3:0, frittata. Consider me officially converted.

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