Bloody Marys are great in any form, even as a steak sauce

It sadly took me way too long to discover how delightful Bloody Marys are. But once I tried my first sip years ago, it was over. I was hopelessly hooked. I have (almost entirely) given up mimosas and Kir Royales at brunch. Instead a delicious spicy tomato cocktail is the first thing on my mind. In fact, I often make myself a bloody when  get home from work. I figure the V8 in it gives me a good vitamin boost and the vodka takes the edge off a stressful day. Two things I consider equally important.

A common sight in my house!

So when I saw this amazing recipe in Bon Appetit, it didn’t even get a chance to languish in my binder of recipes. I don’t think I made it more than a week before buying the celery seeds and firing up the grill.

Accompanying sides were easy enough — some small Yukon gold potatoes for roasting and asparagus and summer squash for the grill. I brought some flat iron steaks home from work — cheaper than flank steaks and just as tasty.

* Quick meaty tip: whole flat irons (also known as top blades) are a cut from the shoulder of the beef. Honestly they are a pain to deal with — there is so much sinew on them that you’ll only get a yield of about 50 percent. However, if you find them trimmed or “steak ready” they are a great cut to work with.*

I got straight to work, making the tomato salad first so the flavors could marinate for as long as possible. Then I started the charcoal and the rest is history. I mean just look at this dish — it’s a thing of perfection. The steak juices mix with the tomatoes and everything tastes bright and fresh, with just a hint of spice.

Now, clearly it’s a dish suited for summer but I think it’s more than tasty enough to brave the cold for. Plus you can cross cleaning the grill off your spring to-do list. Really, by making this dish you’re being efficient and that’s an excellent quality to have.


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