Oh honey, honey!

Bit O Honey Bars

There’s something you should know about me. I take my birthdays very seriously. I start planning in the fall, and then comes January, my crack-down period, so that when the big day finally arrives in February, I’m ready for it. I like themes, I like games, I like prizes and I go all out. I figure that it’s one time when I get to make all of my different friends come together in one place — it only happens once a year and damn it, I want it to be memorable. And, after the fog of the excessive drinking has lifted, everyone usually agrees that it is.

This year’s theme is honey. It started, thanks to Pinterest, when I saw an invitation involving a “queen bee” and it seemed perfect. I actually used to refer to myself as a queen way back in middle school, so much so that my favorite crossing guard Francis (who was just an awesome lady) even gave me a Queen of Everything shirt once. So I mentally crowned myself Queen B (bee, birthday girl, bitch, it’s really all encompassing) and got to thinking about how I would incorporate the idea into my party.

Once I have my theme figured out, the next plan of attack is creating the menu. First up was one of the desserts I wanted to try out. I like to make things at least once to prevent any bad recipes from crashing the party. I saw this “bit o’ honey” bar recipe on Pinterest and I knew it would be worth “auditioning.” My friend Oliver was headed over for some Damon-viewing, so I decided to whip this up as a quick sweet snack.

The recipe is shockingly easy and the final result certainly had its high points — crunchy edges, sweet and gooey center and the smell was amazing. I also love that the blogger who came up with the recipe says it will leave your kitchen largely untouched and it’s true. One pot, one pan and you’re good to go.

I only wish it had just a bit more honey flavor, instead it’s simply reminiscent of a great brown sugar blondie. It was sweet — I just don’t know if it was definitely honey sweet. But was it absolutely delicious? Yes, it was. And I will, for sure, be making it again, maybe tweaking it a little to up the honey profile, although honestly, the recipe as follows is pretty great. Basically when Oliver and I realized we had plowed through half the pan as we watched the Salvatore brothers battle a pack of hybrid werewolves, I knew it was a keeper.

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