Working towards that promotion

One of the best gifts I received recently were these awesome “Message in a Cookie” cookie cutters. I saw them on Pinterest a while ago and have been lusting after them ever since. I was very excited when my grandma bought them for me for Christmas and I have been dying to try them out. However, my holiday-induced sugar coma prevented me from immediately making more cookies. I still had to eat all the leftover ones from the Christmas cookie platters! But now that it’s well after New Years, I’ve finally got my baking motivation back and there was even some left-over gingerbread cookie dough begging to get used up.

The first thing to discuss is the cutters themselves. There are three shapes in the box — a heart, a square and a star. They come with three sets of the alphabet (plus a few extras of the more popular letters) as well as a few already made phrases — stuff like “Thank You” and “Happy Birthday.” I’m sure I’ll get to use those soon, but first I was on a mission to express my post-holiday angst.

My job revolves around restaurants, which means holidays where people go out to eat are a big deal. So from Thanksgiving until after New Years, my office and the adjoining warehouse is a mad house. Tensions run high, tones get snappish and the cheer of the season can be hard to find. Finally it reaches the breaking point and we get to enjoy a brief lull in January, before Valentines Day approaches.

I decided to embrace that feeling of joy by offering my co-workers some sugary goodness. Good thing for me that everyone in my office has an excellent (and perverse) sense of humor so these well-intended cookies got a great response.

The cutters were easy to use after a few practice cookies and I think they’ll be seeing a lot of use in the future. Though I promise to use much different phrases when baking for my grandma!

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