A resolution for the new year

Every year, my resolutions usually revolve around eating better, exercising more and other boring things that probably half of all Americans resolve to do. Oh, and getting/keeping my house organized, which is also very popular. In fact, it seems like all the January issues of magazines have a cover story dedicated to helping readers organize their spaces and their lives.

For me, organization — and weeding through unnecessary things — starts with my recipe folder. I am really not kidding when I say I have a lot of recipes that I want to make. I have them all separated into folders, which are then sub-divided: desserts (bars/cookies & cakes/pies), side dishes (potatoes & vegetable), party planning (beverages & appetizers), main dishes, pastas, and breads. It is a serious business.

I should confess. I am actually the type of person who relishes a quiet night at home, sorting through magazines and ripping out recipes that sound intriguing. I subscribe to so many different magazines that it can take a whole night and sometimes, if I’ve been lazy, I’ll realize that I have two month’s worth of issues to go through. Once I have a pile of recipes, it’s on to the filing, putting each page in its proper spot. Then I can safely recycle the rest of the magazine and be done until the next set of issues arrive.

Now this part of the process is fine, all well and good.

The problem is actually making the recipes. Often, I get off work so late I am happy just eating ramen with veggies. It’s easy and fairly healthy. Plus, with a husband who works late, it’s even more difficult to motivate yourself when you’re only cooking for yourself. Sometimes (because I’m clearly awesome) I’ll eat ramen and then later on, when I’ve had a chance to relax, I’ll forge through our fridge to make him an actual dinner to eat when he gets home. The bonus of this is usually I’ll make enough of that to have some for lunch or dinner the next day. The problem is it certainly doesn’t help me get to the final step of my recipe-hoarding process — the “mission accomplished” stage that makes it all worth it.

If things that I try out are good, they get moved to my actual recipe box or get pinned on Pinterest. Or, as of recently, get posted to this blog! If they suck, they get thrown out with a look of disgust. But if I don’t make them at all, they just sit here, taking up space, making me feel guilty. So that’s my resolution — to cook at least one thing a week out of these binders.

Wish me luck!

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