Sugar Highs & Project Updates

So the days have gotten away from me…I was on a good roll, blogging almost daily, when the pre-holiday madness overwhelmed me. Luckily I had those rum balls to help take the edge off! My final opinion of Martha’s recipe? These balls are boozy, chocolatey and pretty fabulous. I was worried they might be dry but they really do have a texture like fudge. I can’t wait to take some to work tomorrow — and I love that I work in an office where eating rum balls in the morning will totally be acceptable. I also cannot wait to make them for every possible occasion, because dark rum and brownies were clearly made for each other.

Now on to other things: namely fluffy sugary things…The marshmallows turned out great! Making them was a little sticky, but they were incredibly easy (especially with the help of a standing mixer) and they taste fantastic. I did heed Smitten Kitchen’s advice in not scraping the mixing bowl too fanatically. It was hard to resist since I hate to waste food, but I was scared — with good reason! — about getting caught in a sticky sugar web.

oh hello, my new little friends!

A girl in my office, upon hearing of my weekend plans, asked if I was just eating them plain or if I had floated any in hot cocoa. Now, of course, I have done both (quality control is a serious thing), but I knew instantly what she was insinuating. These marshmallows turn into an almost whipped cream/marshmallow fluff once they are in hot cocoa. They are nothing like the chewy, store-bought ones that just seem to bob around in your drink and get in the way. There really is nothing quite like them.

If I thought the Plush Pluffs fancy marshmallows were good (and oh, I definitely do) it’s hard to imagine that my first-time attempt would even rate on the scale. But, even with some forced objectivity, these homemade ‘mallows are still some of the best I’ve ever eaten. And they look adorable, which is always a bonus in my book!


5 thoughts on “Sugar Highs & Project Updates

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