Scallion Pancake Dreams

Scallion Pancake Perfection!

My love affair with the scallion pancake has been intense. And for good reason — they are crispy, salty, flaky and pretty much the best thing that dim sum has to offer, which is saying a lot. I was lucky enough to discover these by accident, and now I can honestly say I’m addicted.

What’s the next step then if you’re looking to avoid the hour-long wait to get into Wong’s King? Try to make them yourself. Although, like many things, it’s best to enlist a friend help you.

About couple months ago, my partner-in-crime DB and I decided to give it a go. We emailed various recipes back and forth, trying to find one that seemed to have the clearest instructions, the best reviews, and to be honest, the prettiest pictures. We settled on this one.

It was so easy. Almost disgustingly, tragically easy. I say tragically because I think about all the time wasted in the lobby waiting for a table at dim sum when I could have been making these delicious things at home the whole time. I also think of all the time wasted trying to order them from the waiters at dim sum who pretend they have no idea what I’m talking about. They ask “Green onion pancake?” with a serious side eye and a look of bewilderment.

You bet your ass green onion pancakes! I know you make them here — I’ve eaten them, don’t try to feign ignorance and pretend like I’m crazy! After much cajoling, they finally seem to catch on that I’m not going to let it slide. I will not eat dim sum without the scallion pancake. “Oh green onion pancake,” they say suddenly and scurry from the table before I have a chance to order more than my usual three.

Anyways…I digress. The point is now that I know how easy they are to make! The ingredients list is laughably short: hot water, flour, green onions, sesame oil, regular oil (and we added bacon grease) for frying.

I’d take you through the steps but the serious eats site gives very detailed directions that no one could mess up. I mean we drank a lot of beer and still managed to do just fine. The only thing I would do differently would be to add salt with the green onions prior to frying. There’s no salt in the dough so it can taste a little flat. Or, do as I do at dim sum, and dredge that sucker in soy sauce with a dash of chili oil.

3 thoughts on “Scallion Pancake Dreams

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