Adventures in Fruit

So I have a friend who I like to cook with. I know him well enough to know he’d never want his name attached to this blog (well, any blog, really) so I was nice enough to ask him to come up with an alias. I didn’t tell him why, I thought it’d be more fun that way.

However, I guess he was hit with a wave of uncreative energy, because all of his suggestions were totally practical. Like boringly practical, maybe he thought I meant if he had to go into witness protection or something.

At any rate, I don’t want to use any of the possibilities he gave me, so I’ll just use a set of initials that used to be a running joke between us, DB.

DB and I decided to drink beer last Saturday and make some fruit jellies, also known as pate de fruit.

It may sound like a bad combination, but surprisingly everything turned out pretty good — despite my best attempts to spill beer or molten fruit/sugar everywhere. We not only survived the experience, we succeeded in making some pretty kick-ass fruit jellies.

We started with two recipes that seemed like they would give us what we wanted — which was low-maintenance, no-fuss instructions for two fruit jelly newbies.

Here are the links:
Kumquat Pate de Fruit.

* We altered this one slightly, leaving out the vanilla bean and using clementine juice instead of regular orange juice. However, this one just didn’t set up as well as the grapefruit, even though we used Certo brand pectin as recommended.*

Sadly the link to the second recipe is no longer up and running so I did some digging and this one seems pretty reliable.

Grapefruit Juice, Zest and (a whole lot of) Sugar

Sugared Up Grapefruit Pate

Kumquat/Clementine Jellies

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